What haircut for women to choose?

Choosing to choose a new haircut?

Choosing a haircut is never easy since it is an element of you that is totally visible. It is necessary to choose a fashionable cut, a cut that goes well with your physical characteristics in addition to making sure that you will feel good with this new head.

In addition, so many possibilities exist, so which cut to choose? 10-Trucs offers you some tips and advice for choosing this new haircut!

Tips for choosing a women’s haircut:

1. A haircut according to the shape of the face

The very first tip is to choose a women’s haircut based on the shape and facial features. Indeed, as we discovered in an article on 10-trucs.com the hairstyle and the cut will be different whether the face is square or round for example.

Here are the different face shapes and haircut ideas for women that can match well:

  • Round face: a short haircut or a pretty plunging bob.
  • Square face: a short cut at the nape of the neck and plunging at the front.
  • Oval face: a short or long cut, everything will go perfectly with the oval face.
  • Long face: nice bangs and never go over the shoulder in terms of hair length.
  • Rectangular face: a long and curly haircut is ideal.
  • Triangular face: a bob haircut or medium-length hair.

A video tutorial to know which haircut is made for your face:

In this video, youtuber Laura Milow presents her valuable tips and tricks for determining the best haircut based on facial features.

Choose a haircut according to your facial features

To bring a certain balance, you can play with the complementarity in terms of haircut and facial features.

Pronounced facial features:

If you have very pronounced features, you may have more puffy hair. For example, a beautiful long curly hair.

Delicate and fine facial features:

If you have very fine features, you could opt for a straight hair hairstyle that is more natural and less voluminous.

2. What are the trendy haircuts for women?

It is certain that if you desire a new haircut, you will not only want a cut that suits you well, but also a cut that is trendy and not old-fashioned.

To do this, find out about the most fashionable cuts possible. Several simple and quick solutions to find the fashionable haircuts in 2020:

pinterest: Pinterest is a gold mine for finding ideas of all kinds including models of haircuts for women. So go to this page of Pinterest.fr to discover hundreds or rather thousands of trendy cuts for women and young women.

instagram: Instagram is full of photos of all kinds including photos of haircuts and hairstyles for women but also for men. Follow this link Instgram.com/explore/ hairstyle to go directly to the Hairstyle keyword results page where more than 60 million ideas are waiting for you!

Marie-France: you will discover a complete file on trendy women’s haircuts for autumn and winter 2019 and 2020. Visit mariefrance.fr to discover in pictures the haircuts in fashion this year.

3. A haircut according to its size and height

In addition to the shape of his face, another tip for choosing the right haircut and taking into account his size, his height!

Indeed, if you are small the choice of cut will be different from a taller woman for example. So which cut to choose?

What haircut for a petite woman:

  • A cut on medium-length hair is ideal. It is absolutely necessary to avoid very long hair.
  • The forward-plunging bob is a good cut choice for a petite woman.
  • A pretty tapered and delicate fringe. Avoid big, wide bangs.

Which cut to choose for a tall woman:

  • A short and degraded cut but not too much all the same.
  • A cut on mid-length or long hair is ideal.
  • A long and plunging square is a very good hairstyle idea too.

What haircut for a curvy woman:

  • An asymmetrical cut on medium-length hair is an excellent choice.
  • A pretty curly square plunging forward
  • A cut on long curly hair

Always consider the shape of your face when choosing the right haircut for women.

4. Use a makeover site to change your haircut!

Several sites and makeover software exist to help you test several cuts, hairstyles and hair colors.

These sites are amazing since you can use them to try new looks quickly and above all for free! All you will need to do is upload your photo and then try out all the haircuts and hair colors you want!

Follow this link to check out some of the top free hairstyle simulators: Tips for changing hairstyle.

5. Trying on a wig to choose a new cut

Nowadays, it is possible to find wigs made of real hair, and this, with all the styles imaginable.

Trying on wigs might be a great way to find a new haircut or color.

Many hair and beauty salons can lend you wigs to make sure you get the right cut for you.

6. Choose a completely different look

If you want a completely new face, you could choose a totally different look!

To do this, you will need to have a haircut that is the opposite of what you currently have. Do you have long hair? Cut them short! Do you have blonde hair? Put them dark! And if you have straight hair, curl it!

The worst that can happen is that you don’t like that new cut or hairstyle! ?

7. Request an evaluation from a hairstylist

By appointment, several stylists and hairdressers offer a consultation to analyze the morphology of your face and then suggest the different haircuts that would suit you well.

It’s not free but thanks to this appointment with the hairdresser you are sure to choose the right cut but also the right hair color.

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