What if the smartphones of the future looked like this?

The smartphone is essential in our daily lives. In the future, this will surely always be the case, but we can be sure that the design will have changed. What if the telephone of the future resembled the creation of Frenchmen Philippe Starck and Jérôme Olivet?

Philippe Starck is a famous interior designer and decorator and Jérôme Olivet, a futurist designer. Together, they created Alo, which for them would be closer to the smartphone that everyone will have in their possession in a few decades. The least we can say is that the result differs greatly from current smartphones which are all rectangular and flat.

“Alo offers a fully voice-enabled interface for all phone features, reads text messages and emails, and even allows messages to be dictated rather than typed. The phone’s camera acts as an « eye ». In particular, it allows the user to read the texts it detects or to identify faces. It also allows you to project a 3D hologram to watch a movie or something else. explains Jérôme Olivet for the Dezeen site.

(Image credit: Dezeen)

Designed for the Thomson brand, Alo includes a holographic projector and a personal assistant! Molded in aluminum, the smartphone takes the form of a chrysalis. The latter is also covered with a gelatinous envelope capable of vibrating and producing heat when it receives a notification or a call.

(Image credit: Dezeen)

However, it turns out that the concept is not brand new, despite its futuristic lines and features never before seen on a smartphone. Indeed, Philippe Starck states that he imagined this smartphone of the future in 1996 when he was artistic director at… Thomson Multimedia. For RTL, the interested party declared to have produced updated visuals since that time since in 2017, the movement tends towards the gradual disappearance of the touch screen and the rise of artificial intelligence.

(Image credit: Dezeen)

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