What is the secret of this small Italian village which has more than 10% of centenarians?

In Italy, a small village called Acciaroli, a small fishing port between sea and mountains located south of Naples, is the scene of extraordinary longevity for many inhabitants. Researchers have looked into this phenomenon, and explain what makes the inhabitants of Acciaroli special.

About 700 inhabitants make up the small village of Acciaroli, Italy. Of these 700 inhabitants, at the beginning of September, there were no less than 81 centenarians. An exceptional longevity specific to the inhabitants of this village which prompted American and Italian researchers to conduct a six-month study to try to understand, and above all to identify the factors at the origin of this beautiful particularity. They were thus able to conclude that, if a Mediterranean diet and physical and sexual activity benefit the inhabitants, a genetic factor also comes into play.

It was researchers from the University of San Diego, California and their colleagues from La Sapienza University, Rome, who carried out this long study made of extensive blood tests (DNA, metabolism, etc.), heart checks and neurological. If diet and lifestyle (practicing daily physical activity such as walking or gardening, having sexual activity, and eating healthy foods in reasonable proportions) are on the agenda of our Italian elderly, study also highlighted the fact that a biomarker is strangely not very present in their organisms.

It is adrenomedullin, a vasodilator (substance which dilates blood vessels) which is present much more reduced in the subjects studied, and seems to act as a powerful protective factor, by promoting the optimal development of the microcirculation“, capillary blood circulation, say these American and Italian researchers in a press release. On the other hand,  » metabolites (small molecules) present in their organism could positively influence the longevity and well-being of Cilento centenarians add the researchers.

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