What to do against stress?

What to do against stress?

Between work, child and household chores, it is often difficult to manage stress well. The current pace of life promotes stress because we have little time to devote to our personal well-being.

Most of our time is spent in the office and the rest taking care of our little family. We therefore have practically no time to relax, which is essential for our health. To help you, we offer you our 10 tips against stress.

Anti-stress tips and tricks:

1. Take time to rest

The first anti-stress tip that we propose to you is to know how to listen to your body. We always tend to force our body to work and perform heavy tasks even when we are already exhausted.

However, our energy is not inexhaustible and the body needs to rest to recover the energy necessary for its well-being.

The simple act of resting more frequently is a great stress reliever. So rest to take the stress away.

Stress breaks

You also have to know how to take a break from time to time and fully enjoy every little moment of relaxation that you have. For example, lunch and breakfast should be taken calmly and above all not in a hurry.

The bath is also a moment that should be privileged because it is an excellent source of relaxation and anti-stress that works really well. So rest and think about taking small breaks more often to relieve stress.

2. Lavender essential oil against stress and anxiety

Essential oils can also be a good natural stress reliever, especially if you are naturally stressed and anxious on a daily basis. You can add a few drops to bath water or use an essential oil diffuser.

Lavender helps prevent stress and anxiety in a natural way. So if you are often stressed, this may be the right trick to help you eliminate stress gradually. Here is precisely a quality lavender essential oil at an excellent price:

3. Beware of stress in the morning when you wake up

A bad awakening in the morning also promotes stress and even ruins a whole day. So it is necessary not to rush when waking up, but rather get up calmly and without haste.

On the other hand, to wake up well, you should not linger on the bed for too long because you risk not wanting to get out of bed.

What could be worse than getting up in the morning already stressed, even before starting the day! ?

A deep breath as soon as you wake up

It is also necessary and important to get plenty of oxygen as soon as you wake up by taking and breathing a deep breath of fresh air in the morning. This purifies the air that circulates in our body and relaxes all the nerves.

Also take deep breaths during your breaks of the day to help you eliminate the stress in you.

4. A good night’s sleep, an effective anti-stress!

Sleep is also very important in the fight against stress. How do you expect to be fit and unstressed if you never sleep well at night?

A good night’s sleep can indeed relax all our neurons and make us less anxious and therefore less stressed. Thus, for be less stressedyou must respect the minimum 8 hours of sleep per night.

If it is really impossible for you to sleep 8 hours for various reasons then count a minimum of 7 hours of sleep… Minimum!

5. Exercise and physical activity against stress

An effective anti-stress trick is to practice one or more physical activities every day, it’s really important for the health of your body.

Indeed, the practice of physical activity helps to fight against stress because it stimulates health and allows you to sleep better. By practicing sport, all our anxieties dissipate and we gradually find an inner calm.

Running, swimming, cycling, all sports are excellent stress relievers. it’s up to you to find the sport and physical activity that suits you best. But don’t forget, you have to move every day!

6. Control your emotions to be less stressed

How can you take the stress out of your day and your life if you don’t take steps to control your emotions?

Indeed, you have to know how to control your emotions and your nervousness by taking the time to breathe and analyze the situations you have to face before losing your temper. Controlling your emotions and thoughts is a simple and effective trick against stress.

Confide in your loved ones

Having someone to share your worries and problems with is also very relieving and de-stressing. Indeed, all worries and all problems are less heavy when they are carried by two. So, you have to be sociable and surround yourself with people you can confide in with confidence.

7. A good diet against stress

Another trick to combat stress is to balance your diet and limit spicy foods, coffee and alcohol. It is better to focus on dairy products, fruits and vegetables to end stress.

Here is a list of foods to favor to remove stress (or rather to reduce stress):

  • Bananas as a stress reliever: When we are stressed, our potassium level drops. Bananas will help to fill this lack of potassium in your body.
  • Eat more citrus fruits: Adrenaline in connection with stress needs vitamin C. By eating citrus fruits or other vitamin C foods every day, you can counter stress more.
  • The green vegetables: Stress unfortunately removes many of our nutrients. By eating green vegetables, you will make up for this loss and will therefore be less stressed.
  • Complete cereals against stress: Whole grains increase the production of serotonin. Serotonin calms and helps to relax.
  • Legumes: Eating legumes will be good because they too trigger the production of serotonin in the brain. You will therefore be more relaxed afterwards and therefore much less stressed.
  • Nuts… Vitamins and minerals: Nuts contain vitamins and minerals in addition to magnesium. They will therefore offer you everything your body needs to withstand stress.
  • Dried fruits as an anti-stress: Dried fruits are energy products that will provide the necessary energy in the fight against stress.
  • Dairy products: These play a role in the transmission of nerve impulses. They will help to control more of the stress you are experiencing.
  • A few fatty fish: Fatty fish will meet the protein needs that increase in times of stress.
  • Brewer’s yeast: Filled with B vitamins, brewer’s yeast is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

8. What are the effects of stress on the body?

People don’t always realize how harmful stress is to human physical and mental health. We live in a stress-filled society and we are simply out of breath.

Indeed, stress can actually have detrimental effects on your body and on your overall health. Here are some of the harmful effects that stress can have on your body:

  • Stress can lead to depression: When you are under a lot of stress, sooner or later the body ends up being overstretched and can no longer cope with all this stress. Its resources are exhausted and the organization cracks. This is when depression can occur.
  • Too many heartbeats: The heartbeat increases and pumps more blood to the muscles. Stress is really bad for your heart in general.
  • Contraction of the arteries: Stress causes arteries to constrict and blood pressure to rise. It is really very bad for your health.
  • The senses become enervated due to stress: All of our senses are on high alert! The pupils dilate, the hairs of the skin straighten and become more sensitive to the touch.
  • Digestion is interrupted: And yes! When you are too stressed, your digestion stops! You can now imagine much better how stress can ruin your life!
  • Contraction of blood vessels: The blood vessels of the stomach, intestine and kidneys constrict under stress! Very bad on your body!
  • Bladder and bowel dysfunction: The bladder and intestines no longer function normally. Constricted skin blood vessels: All the blood vessels under your skin become constricted and your sweat glands become activated and produce sweat.
  • Less testosterone: If you are stressed a lot, you will produce much less testosterone.
  • Less efficient reproductive system: Not only will your ovulation be at risk of being interrupted, but your reproductive system will be greatly shut down due to the effects of stress on your health!

9. A stress-free week, here’s how:

  • Do not overload your schedule
  • Physical activity against stress
  • Allow yourself moments of relaxation
  • Ask for help if you are too stressed!
  • Learn to breathe well to control your stress
  • Eat anti-stress foods
  • Laughing every day is important
  • Avoid drinking too much coffee if you are stressed by nature

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