What to do when you are bloated?

What to do to stop feeling bloated?

Feeling bloated or bloated is certainly not very interesting. We have the impression of suffocating, even of being on the verge of exploding. We sometimes have a little trouble breathing and we can even have a stomach ache when we feel so bloated.
If this bloating problem happens too often, it’s time to find effective and lasting solutions. 10 Tips offers you tips and remedies to be less bloated quickly.

1. An anti-bloat plant… Psyllium

If you want a natural remedy against bloating but also against constipation and other intestinal problems, Psyllium is certainly the solution.

This plant lives up to its nickname of anti-bloating since it has been helping the health and well-being of intestinal transit for centuries. Psyllium is in a way a natural laxative, effective and above all at a lower cost than a commercial laxative.

But why and when to use this anti-bloating product?

  • If you have a swollen and bloated stomach
  • If you suffer from constipation
  • If you have severe diarrhea
  • If you want to cut hunger to find a flat stomach

Organic Psyllium Blod

Organic Psyllium Blod

  • Help with constipation
  • Helps digestion and improves transit
  • High fiber supplement

If you have a diarrhea problem instead, take a few minutes to read this other article: Natural and effective anti diarrhea.

2. Bloating… Avoid overeating

overeating and having a bloated belly

Do not fill your stomach excessively is a first quick tip to avoid being bloated and having a swollen stomach. Sometimes gluttony takes over the appetite and without worrying about anything, we eat more than we are able to take.

Eating too much and eating poorly can make you feel very bloated later on. So respecting your limits is a good first step to not feeling bloated afterwards.

3. Charcoal and bloat

A natural and very effective product against bloating but also to help have a flat and less bloated stomach is vegetable charcoal.

In addition to helping you to be less bloated, vegetable charcoal helps to:

  • Absorb intestinal gas
  • Prevent bad breath
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Strengthen the intestinal flora
  • Facilitate digestion
  • Relieve stomach pain

4. Drink lots of water to avoid bloating

Drink plenty of water for bloating

Did you know that water retention can cause the feeling of bloating and make you particularly uncomfortable? Hence the importance of drinking water!

Indeed drinking plenty of water helps to eliminate and feel lighter. In addition, water suppresses your appetite a little so it will prevent you from overeating afterwards and feeling even more bloated.

If you want to push this trick a little further you can also drink lemon water. In addition to having a good taste, lemon juice helps keep your stomach flat and therefore less bloated.

5. Swollen belly and essential oils

Did you know that essential oils can also help you to not be bloated anymore or at least to be much less? Of course, not all essential oils are effective against bloating and good for digestion. Among the most popular we can name:

  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Basil essential oil

These are all essential oils that can help you greatly reduce the unwanted and uncomfortable effect of bloating and gas. But if you had to make a single choice between the 3, I recommend that of basil which is really effective against bloating once well applied to the stomach.

6. Exercise against bloating

Move and exercise to be less bloated

If you feel bloated, bloated or even uncomfortable, you absolutely have to move! Do not stay there sitting on the sofa or worse lying on your back in your bed, go outside and take a walk or go up and down the stairs a few times.

The simple act of moving and doing some physical exercise will help you eliminate the bloating that prevents you from functioning well and that can make it difficult for you to breathe. Moving and exercising helps digestion and keeps the body strong and balanced.

When we move, we are hot, we lose calories, sweat and we are in motion which also keeps our body in motion. Moving is good for activating our system. So get moving to end your bloated, bloated stomach once and for all!

7. What not to eat to avoid bloating?

There are healthy things to eat to stay fit and avoid bloating, but there are also things you shouldn’t eat.

Here are some foods you shouldn’t eat if you don’t want to be bloated:

  • Soft drinks, even though they are so delicious.
  • Pasta… And yes, no more big Friday night spaghetti.
  • Cheeses… Cheese is so good with a little glass of vino!
  • Brussels sprouts and sprouts… Either way, it makes you gassy!
  • Legumes… They are good for your health, but don’t overdo it.
  • Fast food gives bloating, gas and is very harmful to health.
  • Beer… Moderation tastes better!

The important thing is not to deprive yourself of all these foods but rather to eat and drink in moderation, otherwise you will quickly feel bloated!

8. What to eat to go to the toilet… ?

If you’re tired of bloating and feeling bloated then the solution is to eat anti-constipation foods. Having a bloated belly can be caused by constipation so here’s what to eat:

  • Fresh berries such as raspberries, strawberries and blackberries.
  • Fruits such as dried oranges, mangoes and prunes
  • Nuts such as almonds and peanuts.
  • Wheat bran and wheat cereal.
  • Foods with whole grains, etc.

However, you have to be careful because these foods are recommended if you suffer from constipation. If you only have occasional bloating, it is better to avoid it because you risk being even more bloated.

9. Eat on a regular schedule

Regardless of your age and your physical condition, food is a very important element with regard to digestion but also health as a whole.

A routine for work, a routine with the children, a morning routine, an evening routine… In short, why not set up a routine for your different meals during the day?

It is important to eat according to normal hours. Your body and stomach work hard to take in food, digest it, and expel it. Eating at any time of the day in an unstable way somewhat upsets the stomach so it is better to eat at fixed times and especially eat good stuff for your health. A simple trick that will help you against bloating throughout the day.

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