What to do when you burn your tongue?

What to do when you burn your tongue?

By drinking a hot drink or eating food that is too hot, there is a good chance that you will burn the tip of your tongue.

This burning sensation in the mouth is not very pleasant! So what can you do to feel better quickly? 10-Tricks presents below tips and remedies to relieve a burning tongue quickly.

1. A sugar remedy

Sugar is an ingredient we all have at home, so why not use it to soothe that burning tongue?

Indeed, as sugar stimulates the brain, you will have the impression of having less pain in your tongue. Sugar is also an excellent anesthetic and can therefore be used to relieve this type of minor ailment. Here’s how:

  • Place a sugar cube directly on the tongue burn.
  • Let the sugar cube melt completely to quickly soothe the burn.

Of course, this remedy is temporary and unfortunately does not last very long, but you will soon feel better.

2. Soothe burning tongue with cold

When we think of a burn we think of heat, itching, pain, etc. The cold therefore becomes an effective and quick solution when you burn the tip of your tongue, right?

An ice cube to ease the pain: Gently suck on a small ice cube to cool down and relieve burning tongue. Be careful, however, not to aggravate your burn with the contact of ice directly on the burn.

Eating ice cream: Eat some ice cream to feel better. As you can see, sugar and cold are often two effective allies in relieving a small burn on the tongue.

Drinking lukewarm-cold water: As with ice cubes and ice cream, warm or cold water will do you good. To soothe the burn; take a sip of cold water and keep it in your mouth for a few seconds and start again.

You can also use frozen fruits (raspberries, strawberries or grapes) to soothe this burning tongue.

3. Honey to soothe the tongue

Just like sugar, honey is a natural remedy that can quickly soothe a burn on the tongue. Indeed, the honey will soften your tongue and relieve the pain related to this burn.

You can also use a piece of chocolate lat. Just place it on the tongue and let it melt, like the sugar cube.

4. Eat yogurt and drink milk to feel better

2 other natural tips will help you relieve the pain of a burn on a tongue, milk and yogurt!

Yogurt: The yogurt is soft, smooth and creamy in addition to being fresh. It will be very soothing to your tongue.

Milk: Drink some cool milk to soothe your burning tongue quickly. Ah yes, keep in the mouth for a few moments for a more effective and lasting calming effect.

5. Vitamin E to treat a burnt tongue

Apply a little oil rich in vitamin E to your tongue to take away the pain and speed up the healing of the burn or wound.

Vitamin E is very effective in helping to heal this type of burn in a moist area, such as the tongue and mouth.

6. Avoid salt and heat for a few days

When you have just burned your tongue it is very important to pay attention to what you eat and what you drink.

It is therefore advisable to refrain from eating salty, spicy or hot foods to allow time for the tongue burn to heal properly.

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