What to do with borax

Borax is very useful in a home!

Have you ever heard of Borax? It is a mineral species of hydrated sodium borate that can be purchased for a variety of reasons.

Very useful in the house, 10 Tips invites you to discover 10 tips and homemade recipes to make with Borax.

The 10 things to do with Borax:

1. Unclog a sink naturally

A first thing to do with Borax and boiling water is to unclog a sink. Just pour about a half cup of borax directly into the sink hole and slowly add boiling water, about 3 cups. If the sink is still blocked after 20 minutes you can repeat.

2. Clean windows with Borax

Borax is also very useful for cleaning car windows and house windows. 5 tablespoons of Borax for 4 cups of lukewarm-cold water is ideal for washing and shining your windows and windows.

3. A good smell for your carpets

Does your carpet give off an unpleasant, musty smell? To deodorize a carpet, simply mix an equal part of borax and baking soda. Then let it act for 5 to 6 hours on the carpet and then remove everything. In the end, the bad smell should be completely gone.

4. Borax as an ant repellent

Borax is useful for removing stains but also for quickly eliminating ants and other small unwanted insects. Boric acid is a very effective and fast poison in killing ants. This natural trick is really very effective in completely eradicating a colony of ants.

5. Bleach laundry with borax

Borax has a very powerful whitening power. Borax can therefore be used to whiten clothes. To do this add a spoonful of borax to 1 gallon of hot water. 30 minutes of soaking in this solution is enough before finishing the wash in the washing machine.

6. Homemade water softener

As you know, limestone can cause damage, whether in the washing machine or the dishwasher. It is therefore possible to add a small quantity of borax each time you use the washing machine and the dishwasher. This natural solution saves you from having to buy commercial products against limescale.

7. Borax to eliminate sweat odor

Do your feet sweat a lot? If your shoes and shoes give off bad smells of perspiration, you can add half a spoon of borax directly to your soles. After about ten hours the smell of perspiration should be completely gone.

8. Clean the toilet

It’s important to thoroughly clean and disinfect the toilet, at least once a week! And to do this why not use a homemade and natural recipe with borax? To do this, simply pour half a cup of borax into 4 liters of water in your toilet bowl. Leave on for a few minutes and scrub to finish with a brush.

9. Clean your avoid and sink

Whether it’s for the stainless steel kitchen sink or the porcelain bathroom sink, you can make a 100% natural borax-based cleaning product.

10. Remove a mold stain from a sofa

Whether it’s on a sofa or outdoor patio furniture, you can use borax to remove mold stains. Hot water and borax is all it takes. The product should be left to act for about 2 to 3 hours before rinsing. You can repeat if the mold still persists after the operation is completed.

***Warning Warning Warning***

Borax is a natural product but it must be handled and used with care! Improper use can cause irritation and nausea, you have been warned!

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