What to do with flaxseed oil?

How to use flaxseed oil at home?

Flaxseed oil is widely used all over the world and comes from flax seeds that are cold pressed or hot pressed depending on the method and type of oil.

A multitude of tricks and possible uses to do with this oil. 10-Trucs offers you in this article 10 tips and recipes with linseed oil.

1. Linseed oil on tiles

As we have already talked about on 10-trucs.com, linseed oil can be used on tiles. Indeed, you can therefore use this linseed oil to make a tile shine naturally.

Here’s how to use it on tile:

  • Thoroughly wash the tiles with water and wait until the surface is completely dry.
  • Once dry apply linseed oil to the tile evenly.
  • Leave to dry for about ten hours and apply a second coat of linseed oil.

It is important to clean the tiles very well, otherwise the application of linseed oil will not be as effective.

2. Flaxseed oil for dry skin

Did you know that flaxseed oil is often used in skincare and beauty products? Indeed this oil is often present in products and beauty treatments for dry skin.

So if you have cracks or even if you suffer from eczema, flaxseed oil can help you control everything more effectively. An occasional application can help you:

  • against dry skin.
  • against eczema.
  • against psoriasis.
  • against skin irritation.
  • against rosacea.

3. Linseed oil to treat wood

Did you know that linseed oil can be used to effectively treat wood. But how to properly use and apply this oil on wood?

Whether for hardwood flooring or wooden furniture, linseed oil nourishes the wood in addition to giving it a shiny and healthy appearance.

Linseed oil, when properly applied, is an excellent protective film for wood.

4. Benefits of flaxseed oil on hair

Flaxseed oil can also be used for hair care to help you have beautiful, healthy hair.

Indeed, here are some of the benefits of this oil on the hair:

  • Deeply moisturizes and conditions the hair.
  • Helps thicken very fine hair.
  • Helps in hair growth and growth.
  • Repairs and nourishes damaged hair.

5. Helps Lower Bad Cholesterol

Organic flaxseed oil is useful for significantly lowering bad cholesterol in your body. In this sense, flaxseed oil helps prevent certain cardiovascular diseases.

Of course it is not a miracle product against health problems but it can be part of a set of natural tips and remedies.

6. To help treat constipation

Another health trick to do with flaxseed oil that seems to be effective is to treat or at least relieve constipation.

So if you happen to have constipation problems know that flaxseed oil can help you to stop being constipated. Indeed, flaxseed oil is considered to be an excellent natural laxative.

In addition to helping to treat constipation, this oil would also be effective against inflammatory bowel diseases.

7. To heal wounds and burns

Organic flaxseed oil also helps relieve and help heal certain burns and wounds on the body.

You can therefore use this natural product to treat:

  • minor burns.
  • frostbite.
  • wounds.

Just apply a small amount to the skin to quickly see an improvement and healing of wounds in the skin.

8. Linseed oil in your cooking recipes!

Did you know that flaxseed oil can also be cooked? As you now know, this oil is very rich in omega 3 as well as polyunsaturated acids, which makes it an oil of choice to accompany certain very simple recipes.

It is important not to heat the linseed oil because it will lose its benefits. A simple drizzle of oil on a good carrot salad or better on a delicious homemade Lebanese tabbouleh. Yum, yum, you’re going to enjoy it!

9. Linseed oil for a good memory

Did you know that flaxseed oil improves concentration and memory? Indeed, as this oil contains a lot of omega 3 it is really a good way to optimize the functioning of the brain and therefore its memory!

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