What to do with leftovers?

What to do with leftover ham? When you cook a large ham, chances are it won’t be eaten whole. In order not to waste, it is of course necessary to try to integrate the leftover hams into other dishes and recipes.

In this article, I offer you tips and quick recipes to make with leftover ham.

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1. Good ham omelettes

For lunch, why not add your leftover hams to good and delicious omelettes! Always nice to cook good omelettes for the whole family. It will be a treat!

2. Ham club sandwiches

Instead of putting chicken, put your leftover sliced ​​hams instead! You will have superb ham club sandwiches… A real delight!

3. Pasta

Cut your leftover ham into small cubes and add them to your pasta! Cold or hot, they will be delicious! This is a great idea for using up leftover ham.

4. A lasagna

Instead of making a meat lasagna, make a vegetable lasagna and add your leftover ham! Very popular with children in general!

5. Croissants and ham

Buy croissant dough, lay down some cheese and pieces of ham and put it all in the oven! It makes your mouth water!

6. Chicken stuffed with ham and cheese

Make an incision in your boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Insert small pieces of ham, cheese and asparagus. Close the chicken with a string and put your chicken in the oven.

7. Bites of ham

Buy crackers and put a small slice of ham, cheese, a small slice of tomato and a little oil on them. You will have delicious ham bites.

8. Small pizzas

Replace your pepperonis with slices of ham! For large or small pizzas, it will certainly be delicious!

9. A salad

Cut cubes of ham and add them to a romaine salad. Add raisins, mayonnaise and grated carrot fillets and you have a delicious salad!

10. Mashed potatoes and ham

Add small pieces of ham to your mashed potatoes! You can also add some grated cheese and roast your potatoes in the oven!

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