What to do with old tires? DIY idea

What to do with old tires at home?

Why get rid of your old car tires when it is possible to give them a second life? Whether as a decorative element in the house or as an idea for the garden, it’s easy to turn a tire into something else original!

10 Tips therefore offers you 10 ideas for recycling old tires. 10 DIY ideas that you will love and test, I am sure!

1. Make a pouf with a tire

A pretty pouffe to make by yourself from an old car tire and rope. For all the steps of this pretty DIY project, go to the Style Me Pretty website, a blog with a multitude of DIY ideas to achieve.

Make a pouffe out of an old car tire

2. Make a Seesaw

Another idea for salvaging an old car tire is to make a seesaw for your little ones out of half a tire and a board.

make a seesaw out of a tire

For other swing ideas with and without tires, here is a guide with photos and ideas to discover on 10-Trucs: How to make a seesaw?

3. Make a planter with a tire

What a great DIY idea offered by the excellent DIY Show Off site. A DIY idea to make a pretty planter from a car tire. Do you like the idea?

make a planter out of an old tire

4. A nice little bench for the balcony and terrace

Another very nice idea is to make benches for the balcony and the terrace from old car tires. This idea comes to us from the blog A life that we built!

make an outdoor bench out of a car tire

5. Benches for the reading corner of the little ones

Another idea similar to the previous one is to make a nice little bench for your children’s reading corner at home or at daycare.

Make a children's bench with a tire

6. A nice little outdoor table

Still for the terrace and the balcony, here is a DIY idea to recycle old tires into a pretty little table.

turn a tire into an outdoor table

7. A basket for your pet

Another way to recycle and give a second life to an old tire is to turn it into a nice basket for your dog or cat’s nap.

make a dog bed out of a tire

8. A swing with a big tire

Do you have a tire of the right size at home and don’t know what to do with it? It’s simple, why not make a swing out of your old tire like in the picture below. Simple, fast and great fun for the whole family!

A big tire turned into a swing

9. An outdoor game module to make

If you are really a handyman, why not create a real outdoor play module for your children as the excellent blog Blessing Overflowing suggests!

build an outdoor playground for children

10. A small decorative shelf to make

Here is another idea to inspire you! A pretty little decorative shelf for your child’s room or to decorate a room in the house. You can also buy them directly from the popular Etsy site!

A shelf with a car tire

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