What to do with your dead leaves?

Lots of dead leaves to pick up?

In autumn, the leaves fall from the trees and create magnificent landscapes. But while many admire this beauty, others growl in anger because of all the dead leaves they have to pick up.

Would you like to use these autumn leaves differently? So here are 10 things to do with dead leaves!

1. Compost with your dead leaves

Shred dead leaves and you can add them to your compost! It will be very rewarding for the compost and for your plants and flowers next spring!

2. Mulch to protect your plants

A certain thickness of dead leaves can protect your plants in this cold season that is beginning. A natural and free trick, what more could you ask for!

3. Protection against weeds

By spreading your dead leaves in the vegetable garden, you will create a barrier to weeds.

4. A Soil Enricher

Spread your dead leaves on your lawn to have a more enriched lawn afterwards. A homemade and natural fertilizer and compost for a beautiful, healthy lawn.

5. Crafts with dead leaves

Dry the collected leaves and make crafts with them. There are a multitude of DIY ideas to do with your children on the internet. I invite you to go on Pinterest to find thousands of ideas.

6. Decoration and autumn leaves

Pierce the leaves and pass a long thread through them. Add pots and other earth elements and you’ll have beautiful banners that you can hang from trees.

7. Hiding places for children

Make big piles of leaves and let the children jump and hide in the pile. A fun activity for young and old this fall.

8. Insect houses

By leaving heaps of leaves at the foot of the trees, the insects will be able to shelter there.

9. Fertilize with your dead leaves

By leaving your dead leaves on the lawn, you will provide very valuable natural fertilizer to trees, plants, flowers, etc.

10. A Campfire

If you make campfires, you can burn your dead leaves at the same time. Perfect for fall!

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