What to know before leaving by plane?

What to know before flying?

Flying for the first time can be exciting and stressful at the same time, it’s completely normal! Fortunately, some tips, tricks and practical advice can help you overcome this stress in order to have a good flight.

10 Tips therefore offers you today some practical tips to know before flying. Good flight! ?

1. The trick to having your checked baggage come out first

If you don’t want to wait for your luggage when you leave the plane, one technique is to have your luggage checked in among the last ones. Baggage is always loaded front to back on the trolleys, so you have a good chance that your baggage will come out first if you are the last at the check-in counter.

2. You can be denied boarding and it’s totally legal!

For the sake of profitability, sometimes an airline registers more passengers on a flight than there are places on board. The reason? She imagines that there will be a few cancellations. When this is not the case, we speak of overbooking and the company may refuse you boarding.

If this happens to you, the company will probably offer you another flight but may not tell you that you are also entitled to compensation. See on the AirHelp website how you can get compensation for denied boarding.

3. On a plane, you get dehydrated much faster

When you fly, you have to drink a lot. The low pressure and dry cabin air can dry out your skin and make you want to drink. It is recommended to drink a glass of water every hour to stay properly hydrated.

4. Alcohol is more intense at altitude

If the prospect of flying stresses you out, don’t take refuge in alcohol! In the cabin, you lack oxygen because the pressure is lower at altitude than on the surface. This lack of oxygen leads to a drop in your body’s resistance to alcohol.

5. The tomato juice myth

Why do so many people crave tomato juice on board? This phenomenon is so important that scientists have looked into it. When you are at altitude, your taste buds are less able to distinguish the taste from the salty.

Thus, the tomato juice that you normally think is too salty turns out to be delicious at altitude, on the plane.

6. Avoid tea and coffee

Aircraft fuel tanks are rarely if ever cleaned. Imagine the state of the tanks… It is with the water from these tanks that your teas, coffees and noodles are served, bon appetit of course!

Needless to say, for the same reasons, that you should never, ever drink tap water from airplane toilets.

7. Airplanes are sinks for germs

Many flight attendants have seen mothers changing their babies’ diapers on the seat shelves. These same shelves on which you take your meals and which are only very rarely cleaned…

As for the cushions, blankets and headphones that are distributed to you for long haul, beware too. Most are nicely presented in plastic bags but are actually reused from flight to flight. So if you are sensitive to hygiene, bringing small disinfectant wipes will be very useful.

8. Remember to move your legs regularly.

It is important, especially during long-haul flights, to move your legs at regular intervals. Indeed, staying in a sitting position for too long is very bad for blood circulation.

Pay particular attention to the risk of phlebitis for people who suffer from venous insufficiency. Indeed, the combo of immobility, dehydration and low blood pressure can be dangerous.

9. The real reason we turn off the lights on landing

It is mandatory for each night landing to turn off the lights in the cabin. This rule aims to accustom the eyes of the passengers to the darkness in the event of a problem on landing.

10. The Faraday Cage Plane

If you see a storm through your porthole, don’t panic. Airplanes are very frequently hit by lightning but form a Faraday cage.

Now that you know everything you need to know before you fly, here are some tips and tricks to save money: Find cheap flights!

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