When giant twirls invade an Australian city

The tumbleweeds, or twirling in French, are these dead and flying plants that we are more used to seeing in westerns, in the cinema. It is not in the West, but in the East of Australia that these twirlers have invaded a city, that of Wangaratta.

With the temperatures we are currently experiencing in France, it is difficult to imagine a hot and very dry summer. It is this arid climate combined with the fact that the farms are abandoned on the outskirts of the city of Wangaratta, which explain that the latter finds itself literally submerged by giant twirls.

 » Two meters high and three meters in diameter, which extends right in front of the house. This makes it difficult to leave by car in the morning, you still have to find it explains Jason Perna, a resident of this locality of 17,000 inhabitants to ABC Australia, in front of the pile of these grasses specific to desert soils which is in front of his door.

An emergency meeting has been organized by the city authorities who intend to quickly stem this invasion. In the meantime, the inhabitants of Wangaratta manage and completely put the situation into perspective.  » It’s certainly a problem, but it’s nothing in the face of famine or what may be happening in the world today.! summarizes Jason Perna.


Source: ABC

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