When Google Maps detects an ultra-secret American base

The famous online mapping software has, according to an American newspaper, detected a secret American base, close to the site of Area 51.

Area 51 has been the subject of wild speculation about the existence of extraterrestrials for decades. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, another base where top-secret tests took place was discovered thanks to Google Maps. The information was also relayed by the Daily Mail in an article of March 7, 2016.

Thus, any Internet user can observe Zone 6, located 130 km northwest of Las Vegas. This area, whose purpose today is the experimentation of drones and small military planes, is precisely about fifteen kilometers east of the radioactive waste storage site at Yucca Mountain, see the capture below.

圖片 2

In the past, this land would have been a top-secret underground nuclear test site. Today, Zone 6 has a large hangar, a series of logistics buildings and an airstrip approximately 1.5 km long. Although no one really knows the official name of this zone, tourists traveling in the state of Nevada could have observed the fence of Zone 6.

Zone 6 was built in the 1950s and would have cost the American authorities the sum of 9.6 million dollars. Namely that its existence was only formalized in 2013 by the US government.


Sources: Las Vegas Review Journal – Daily Mail – Sputnik

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