When to sow grass?

When to sow grass?

When is the best time to sow grass?

To have a beautiful, healthy, green and well-stocked lawn, it is important to know the best time to sow your lawn!

So depending on where you live it is important to sow the lawn during the right time in the spring. Find below the info on when to sow grass in France and when to sow in Quebec!

1. What to do before sowing the lawn?

Before even thinking about sowing the lawn, it is better to prepare the ground and the soil as it should be. How do you expect to have a nice, green, dense lawn this summer if you don’t do all the steps before sowing?

So in the fall turn the soil over the entire area to be sown. Next spring, rework the land and take care to remove all the rocks before sowing for the first time.

2. When to sow your lawn in France?

If you live in France you will choose the season to sow! Indeed, you can sow in spring or even in early fall.

Personally I recommend that you sow early in the spring, in April or even in March if you live in the South of France.

3. Best time to sow grass in Quebec?

If you live in Quebec you know that the climate is somewhat different… Colder and wetter than in France.

Forget the fall months and go for the month of May instead. Exceptionally, it happens that spring sets in early in Quebec, so if you think April is the right month, go ahead, you can sow the lawn.

Personally, for Quebec I recommend waiting until May 15 or better the first week of June before sowing the lawn.

Also remember that regardless of the region or country where you live, you have to wait until the nights are warm enough (no risk of frost) before sowing grass.

4. Sowing grass in the fall… Yes or no?

As we have just briefly said, it is also possible to sow lawns later in the year, in the fall.

If the region where you live and the climate allows it, fall is even better than spring for sowing grass. Here’s why fall is the best season:

  • Autumn is a much rainier season than spring and summer.
  • Children generally play less on the lawn in the fall than in the summer.
  • The ground is much wetter than during the summer season.
  • The temperature is less hot and much less risk of drought.

So if you live in the south of France sow in October and if you live in a colder region or in Quebec sow in September.

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When to sow the lawn, in April

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