Which cookware to choose?

How to choose your cookware?

Every chef, whether novice or expert, needs the right cookware to easily create great meals. When the time comes to choose cookware, you quickly realize that there are different types and in all price ranges.

To help you make the best choice according to your needs and your budget, 10 Tips presents a buying guide to help you choose the best cookware.

1. The benefits of good cookware

Even if you don’t cook every day, you’ll appreciate having the right tools to prepare your meals, no matter how simple.

Indeed, a good cookware will shorten the cooking time while ensuring that it is uniform and of high quality.

And depending on the material that the cookware you choose is made of, you will be able to enjoy it for many years.

2. The different cookware materials

Cookware sets are made of a variety of materials, each with its specificities, advantages and disadvantages. Here are the most popular ones on the market:

  • Non-stick coated battery:

    Designed specifically for fat-free cooking, these cookware sets have the advantage of being easy to wash. However, some studies have shown that they release toxic substances when the heat exceeds 350° Celsius. It is therefore advisable to use them for cooking over low heat.

  • Aluminum cookware:

    Offering good heat conductivity, aluminum cookware cooks food quickly and evenly. You should know that aluminum tends to deform when exposed to high heat, unless it has undergone an anodizing treatment, which makes it more resistant.

  • Stainless steel battery:

    Very durable and easy to maintain, however, it has low conductivity. Some stainless steel cookware has a layer of copper or aluminum added to it to increase its conductivity.

  • Cast iron cookware:

    Cast iron cookware may or may not be enamelled. Although it takes time to heat up, cast iron retains heat very well. It is also very durable, but not impact resistant. If you have a glass ceramic cooker, you will have to be careful because the cast iron can damage the coating.

  • Copper battery model:

    The material of choice for top chefs and anyone with a gas range, copper probably offers the best conductivity and allows for fast, even cooking. Properly cared for, copper cookware will last for many years.

  • Iron battery:

    An excellent conductor, iron is perfect for grilling and browning food. As it can be affected by rust, care must be taken to wash the parts of your cookware thoroughly after use, and coat them with cooking oil. Iron cookware can last a lifetime!

3. Cookware for induction cooking

Induction cookers operate using a magnetic field. It is then necessary to use cookware whose basic material is iron alone, or an alloy.

You cannot therefore use a copper, terracotta or glass battery with induction cooking. Some stainless steel cookware is also incompatible with induction cooking.

If you’re thinking of getting an induction cooker, most cast iron or stainless steel cookware can be used. You just have to make sure that they are specifically designed for this purpose before making the purchase.

4. Features to check before buying cookware

After having stopped on a particular material, it is now necessary to turn its attention to the other characteristics to check before buying cookware.

Here are some important characteristics to check for choosing the right cookware:

  • Lid:

    The primary function of the lid is to retain the steam inside the pot or pan. It must therefore be well sealed, and not tend to deform under the effect of heat.

  • Handles:

    Cookware handles should be easy to grasp, even when wearing oven mitts. For cooking in the oven, we prefer metal handles which are more resistant to heat than those made of phenol.

  • The bottom:

    The best cookware has a flat and thick bottom, which will not only help its durability, but more importantly, ensure even cooking. This feature is all the more important if you have an induction cooker.

  • The inclusions:

    Cookware includes several pieces such as pots, pans, different types of skillets, etc. Some can include up to 20! Before buying a cookware, do a little analysis of your needs and choose the one that will offer you the parts you will use regularly.

5. The price of cookware

There’s something for every budget, but expect a hefty price tag when looking for high-quality cookware. The price will of course depend on the material it is made of, but also on the number of pieces included in the set.

You can very well buy cookware for 100 euros or even cookware over 300 euros for a quality brand for a similar number of pieces.

That’s why you have to shop around and compare the prices and the different models of cookware in order to make the best choice.

6. So which cookware to choose?

In order to help you in your choice for the best cookware, we present you some popular models and brands:

Tefal Ingenio Inox pot and pan set:

15-piece cookware set that can be used on all types of cookers including induction. It offers excellent value for money and its non-stick titanium coating is very durable.

Natural Cook Professional cookware:

Non-stick ceramic coated cookware set includes 7 essential pieces. It can be used with all types of fire, including induction.

Lagostina 11 Piece Cookware Set:

Made of stainless steel and compatible with induction cooking, this cookware set includes 11 pieces. Recognized for its high quality, Lagostina cookware ensures exceptional durability.

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