Which dehumidifier to choose?

Which dehumidifier to choose?

Too much humidity in a house can really be dangerous for the house and the occupants. Indeed, too high humidity in the house can not only lead to the growth of mold and fungus in the walls, but also to health problems for its inhabitants.

While the ideal humidity level is 30 to 60%, if it regularly exceeds 60%, consider buying a dehumidifier. Although several models of dehumidifiers are available on the market, it is important to make the best choice.

10 Tips presents a buying guide to help you choose and buy the best dehumidifier.

Guide to choosing the best dehumidifier:

The advantages of the dehumidifier in a house

The dehumidifier is a device used to reduce the humidity level in a house, or in a particular room. Although it does not solve the problem of the source of humidity, the dehumidifier still has several advantages.

If you are looking for the best solution to remove humidity then this guide offers you several: How to reduce humidity in the house?

Here are some advantages of the home dehumidifier:

  • Ease of use of the dehumidifier:

    Most dehumidifier models are simple to use and don’t require cartridges or refills.

  • Improved home comfort:

    By eliminating excess humidity, you will be more comfortable in your home or apartment, whether it is during the heat waves in the summer or the cold and humid days in the winter.

  • Reduction of allergies and health problems:

    Too high humidity leads to the formation of molds and fungi which often cause allergies to the inhabitants of the house. For some, high humidity will cause respiratory system irritation and asthma. Additionally, a dehumidifier can help stop the proliferation of dust mites, which need high humidity to thrive.

  • Elimination of odors:

    Odors caused by excess humidity are very unpleasant. Purchasing a dehumidifier will help solve or prevent this problem of bad odors in the house.

  • Air purification:

    Most dehumidifier models include a dust filtration system, improving the quality of the air you breathe in your home.

Features to check before buying a dehumidifier

Before buying a dehumidifier, you must first analyze your needs. Among other things, you will need a dehumidifier whose capacity is adapted to the dimensions of the room affected by the humidity.

A small capacity dehumidifier can only collect 18 liters of water per day and will be ideal for drying the air in a room of 95m2, while a large capacity unit can collect 30 liters and will dry the air in a room of 95m2. a room three times larger.

Other important features for choosing the best dehumidifier:

  • The accuracy of the hygrometer:

    A good dehumidifier has a built-in hygrometer that will accurately analyze the level of ambient humidity. In addition, it should react quickly to changes in humidity, and turn on or off at the right time.

  • The functions of the dehumidifier:

    Some functions are to be preferred, including the automatic shut-off and the water level indicator. The best dehumidifiers will automatically shut off when the water tank is full, preventing damage. A device that has a water level indicator will let you know if the tank needs to be emptied.

  • The noise the device makes:

    A dehumidifier can be noisy and could bother you if it’s near your rest room or bedroom. Some models are known to be quieter, but others offer different fan speeds allowing you to opt for a less noisy low speed.

  • The exhaust system of the dehumidifier:

    To make your job easier, you could choose a dehumidifier model that offers the possibility of attaching a drain hose to it, which you can then direct to a floor drain. Otherwise, some models have a water tank with handles, making it easier to empty.

The price of a dehumidifier

The price of a dehumidifier will vary, among other things, depending on how it works. An electric dehumidifier will generally be more expensive than a thermal dehumidifier, but will be more effective in certain situations where the humidity is very high. And for each of the two types of devices, prices will vary according to dimensions, functions, capacity, etc.

You will therefore find very compact and small capacity dehumidifier models on the market for less than 100 euros, while the price of a high-end dehumidifier can go up to more than 500 euros.

So what is the best dehumidifier?

In order to help you find the best dehumidifier for your needs and your budget, we present some popular models:

Supra DUBTI2 dehumidifier:

The Supra Dubti2 model is a very complete dehumidifier, offering several functions including an adjustable electronic hygrometer, 2 tank emptying modes, a programmable timer and an SAB filter.

Supra DUBTI2 dehumidifier

Supra DUBTI2 dehumidifier

  • Ideal for home and unheated rooms
  • Cellar, garage, shower room, chalet
  • Dehumidifies up to 8 liters per day
  • Adjustable electronic hygrometer

Trotec TTK dehumidifier:

Both dehumidifier and air purifier, this model has a capacity of 10 liters per 24 hours and is suitable for rooms of 15 m2. It is equipped with a water level indicator and an integrated air filter. In addition, it can be used to dry clothes in winter.

Trotec TTK dehumidifier

Trotec TTK dehumidifier

  • Ideal for kitchen and bathroom
  • Removes up to 10 liters per day
  • Can be used as a clothes dryer
  • Automatic defrost

DeLonghi DEX 16 dehumidifier:

This high-end, high-quality model can dry the air of an 80 m3 room with a 2.1 liter capacity water tank.

It is equipped with, among other things, a dust filter, a programmable hygrostat, a dryer function and a double drain system. And at just 39 db, it’s one of the quietest dehumidifiers on the market.

DeLonghi DEX 16 dehumidifier

DeLonghi DEX 16 dehumidifier

  • Ultra quiet dehumidifier
  • Ultra fast drying function
  • Dehumidifies up to 16 liters per 24 hours
  • With dust filter

Pro Breeze portable dehumidifier

Compact but efficient, this dehumidifier has a capacity of 10 liters per 24 hours and is suitable for removing humidity in a bathroom or in a cellar.

Its reservoir can hold up to 2.2 liters of water. This dehumidifier is portable so it can be easily moved from room to room around the house. If you had to make a choice based on price, this Pro Breeze dehumidifier is certainly one of the models with the best value for money.

12L Pro Breeze Dehumidifier

12L Pro Breeze Dehumidifier

  • Fight against moisture and mold
  • Eliminates up to 12 L per day
  • 2.2 liter tank with drain hose included

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