Why do we close our eyes when we kiss?

It’s an almost instantaneous reflex for probably a majority of us. As we exchange a kiss, we close our eyes. So, psychologists have looked into this habit and explain what drives us to this behavior.

We close our eyes to kiss each other to let the brain focus fully on the task at hand. This is the conclusion reached by psychologists at Royal Holloway University in London, after carrying out a sensory experiment involving sight and touch.

During this experiment, these psychologists asked participants to perform simultaneous activities that involved vision and touch. In view of the results, involving the sense of sight in a pleasant task for touch, such as kissing or dancing with a partner, alters the experience of touch. The more the eyes work, the less the touch works.  » These results could explain why we close our eyes when we want to focus on a sense other than sight. Depriving yourself of vision allows you to fully feel the other sensory experience in progress “, explains Polly Dalton, psychologist.

 » We already knew that focusing on other tasks could lower visual and auditory stimuli. But our research focuses above all on touch. This is very important, because it brings a new perspective on the processing of information from warning systems. continues Sandra Murphy, another psychologist in charge of the project.

Results that could help to better understand other areas, such as information systems in vehicles for drivers, for example.  » Our research suggests, for example, that drivers will pay less attention to warning signals if they are already concentrating on another visual task such as looking at their GPS to follow directions. Concludes Sandra Murphy.

Source: independent

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