Why does beer make you want to pee so much?

It is often said that you should not go to the bathroom after the first beer. But what is it really? Like any absorbed liquid, when drinking beer, it must be evacuated at some point. However, the need to urinate is more pressing after drinking beer than if the same amount of water had been absorbed. How is it possible?

Drinking alcohol temporarily suppresses an anti-diuretic hormone called vasopressin or ADH. Thanks to this hormone, the body retains certain fluids longer so that it can extract as many useful substances as possible. This hormone is very useful, given that our body filters about 180 liters of fluid every day and we only expel a maximum of 2 liters per day. DHA actually allows the body to reabsorb this excess urine. Suddenly, when the vasopressin disappears, the liquids are less well recycled, and the quantity of urine in the bladder increases.

Carbonated drinks can also be seen to increase the pressure on the bladder. Indeed, carbonic acid will cause hyperactivity of the bladder. For example, the fact that wine gives less desire to urinate than beer is simply explained by the fact that wine contains less carbonic acid. The opposing effects of ADH and carbonic acid therefore provide scientific proof of why drinking more beer makes you want to urinate more, but they do not explain why the bladder seems incapable of holding anything after the first. going to the toilet.

This first visit to the toilet seems to be a kind of click that causes a recurring urge to urinate and there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. When we don’t urinate for a while, our tissues lose sensitivity and become accustomed to the feeling of a full bladder, in the same way that we are not really aware that our skin is in contact with our clothes. Thus, the bladder does not disturb and therefore by not urinating for a while, the urge to urinate is not felt. But after the first visit to the toilet, the brain gets used to the feeling of an empty bladder, and causes the need to urinate as soon as it is full again.

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