Why is the Mexican lagoon of Las Coloradas pink?

A privileged place for photographers from all over the world for its particularity, the lagoon of Las Coloradas located on the east coast of the Mexican peninsula of Yucatán, in Mexico, offers exceptional images, with totally pink water which contrasts with a blue sky. intense. The explanation for this pretty color is actually quite simple.

Direction Central America and Mexico, on the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, in a small fishing village called Las Coloradas. This small fishing village has become a very popular place for tourists and photographers from all over the world since it offers a real wonder for the eyes, a totally pink lagoon giving the site a magical aspect. This site is part of the Rio Lagartos Biosphere reserve, which protects more than 600 km² of beaches, forests and dunes.

This exceptional color is in no way caused by any chemical pollution harmful to the environment, but by a completely natural phenomenon. Indeed, if the lagoon is so pink, it is because (or thanks) to the high concentration of plankton containing carotene, shrimps and roots of red plants. Besides, as if that weren’t beautiful and spectacular enough, Las Coloradas was originally a mining village specializing in the extraction of salt. As a result, the site is surrounded by magnificent salt mountains that look like icebergs, making this place a magnificent source of inspiration and composition for photography amateurs and professionals.

However, it is not the only pink lake that can be admired on our beautiful planet. Indeed, we can also see lakes of this intense color in Australia, Senegal or Bolivia, with a sublime spectacle each time.


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