Will artificial intelligence make our lives obsolete?

In the era of all-digital technology and robots, the question arises: will artificial intelligence make our lives useless? While robots are already taking the place of human beings in certain professional sectors, what do we think of the future that awaits us?

Humanity as a whole is considered a work force, so much so that a person who does not have a job will find it difficult to find meaning in his life. No money, no means, but above all a time that will not be filled by a main gainful activity. Obviously, some people could be happy about it, but it is clear that the system in which we live does not allow us to escape it unless we live in autarky or in a self-sufficient closed community.

Space X boss Elon Musk said at the recent World Government Summit 2017 that the emergence of artificial intelligence could well be a catastrophe for humanity, estimating that nearly 15% of the world’s working population will find themselves probably unemployed in the not too distant future. The South African billionaire had then advocated a transformation of man into a cyborg by linking « his brain to machines thanks to a neural cord » to compete with artificial intelligence.

« Over time, I think we’re probably going to see a closer fusion of human intelligence and digital intelligence, » supposed Elon Musk.

The social consequences of the generalization of robots and artificial intelligence are still largely underestimated. Elon Musk indicates that he is in favor of the establishment of a universal income at the global level in order to compensate for the loss of income of workers who will gradually lose the activity necessary for their survival. Moreover, the interested party estimates that the first sector which will suffer from here ten years is that of transport.

“If you are not needed, if your work is not needed, then what is the purpose of your existence? »

As a true improvised adviser to humanity, Elon Musk did not stop there and mentioned the word « danger » with regard to AIs, in the event that scientists did not identify the potential scope of their research, while explaining an essential awareness of governments.

Sources: Century Digital – La Tribune

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