You can build a solar panel yourself for less than 40 euros!

Would Do It Yourself invite itself into sustainable energy? How can you imagine being able to obtain a solar panel for a few tens of euros when the installation of this type of installation is not usually intended for all budgets?

Equipping the roof of your house with photovoltaic solar panels is a rich idea that would cost you on average 1000 euros per square meter of ordinary. While it takes 1 to 1.5 square meters of panels per person living in the accommodation, it is also necessary to integrate the installation to be done by a professional who can happily salt the bill! Marc Boileau, inventor of the Sunberry solar heating, recently offered a completely different, much more economical alternative, but for that, you will have to get your hands dirty.

The interested party succeeded in manufacturing thermal solar panels obtained using an affordable material although very resistant to heat and the effects of time: alveolar polypropylene (in sheets). A small clarification is to be made: thermal solar energy is to be differentiated from photovoltaic solar energy since the latter exploits the sun’s rays as much as possible by transforming them into hot water. This hot water can then be used to heat a dwelling, a greenhouse, a swimming pool or even preheat the water in a dwelling intended for sanitary use.

“When the sun gives 1000 W of power, a thermal solar panel captures 600 W of energy, a photovoltaic panel hardly reaches 150W. »
says Marc Boileau.

The professional indicates that the assembly of such a thermal solar panel would require only three short hours. The installation can be done without any special skills and without the help of a professional according to Marc Boileau who would have simplified the task as much as possible and made available to the general public a series of tutorials on a dedicated YouTube channel.

“We arrive at a manufacturing cost of less than €40 for a 2.6 m² panel which produces up to 1300 W of solar heat! Enough to heat large quantities of water, winter and summer. »concludes Marc Boileau.

A more efficient and more affordable solution! Who says better ?

Sources: PositivR — ConsoGlobe

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